Verbalise Talking 5 Alarm Medication Reminder Keychain Black

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In stock


Product Description

We are pleased to introduce this excellent new Talking Medication Reminder by Verbalise

If you or someone you know has a lot of medication to take regularly throughout the day we know this can be a difficult everyday task to remember to do, so why not try this great Medication Reminder with 5 daily alarms, set the alarms for each time you need to take medication throughout the day and then when the alarm goes off you know it is time to take your medication. This will make a sometimes difficult task very simple.

Not only will this keychain remind you when to take your medication it will also pronounce the time to you in either a male 24 hour or female 12 hour voice (both included with keychain) these are very clear English human voices which you can listen to using the examples above

The time is controlled by the atomic clock in the UK and USA so will always be accurate and change automatically throughout the year for British Summer Time. If you live or are travelling to another part of the world then the time can be set automatically

Included is a carabiner and lanyard

The battery is included and easy to change. The battery is a CR2032

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