Verbalise Gold Mens Talking Watch Global Radio Controlled Deluxe Range

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Listen Here – Our New Dual Voice by English Voice Over Artists

New Male Voice by Simon Fellows

New Female Voice by Laura Shavin

In stock


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Verbalise Gold Mens Talking Watch

Verbalise are proud to introduce this stunning new watch, with a 43mm Gold plated case and high quality leather strap this watch adds an element of class and style to a very functional and important part of everyday living.

When you would like to know the time or date simply press the 2 o’clock button and the watch will speak to you in a choice of two clear english voices by voiceover artists Simon Fellows and Laura Shavin.

This watch is Radio Controlled in the UK, USA, Germany and Japan and can be set manually anywhere else in the world, this means that when you are in one of these countries your watch will be keeping extremely accurate time and the watch hands will be automatically synchronised to the voice. When you visit these countries all you will need to do is tell the watch which Atomic signal to look for and it will set the time automatically, instructions on how to do this are included and the watch will talk you through the setting process.

This watch also features an alarm and hourly announcement function. These features are can be set to your preference and again the watch will talk you through how to set the alarm and turn on the hourly announcement.

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