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The Talking Label voice recorder offers a simple and effective solution if you take multiple medication, as it provides audible guidance when you need to identify and take any medication, which could prove useful as a reminder for those with dimentia. The Talking Label can offer a solution to eliminate the risk of any possible confusion with mixing medication by helping patients to understand and follow important instructions.The re-recordable message could include the name of the patient, a description of the medication, dosage instructions and any important warning notes a clear audible message up to 20 seconds long will allow the user to identify and take their medication safely the Talking Label attaches to all standard packaging with the metal clip on the back to record simply press the record button on the back with a pen and speak into the front. You can re-record over the existing message play the message by pressing the large green button on the front the Talking Label can also be used to identify other household items or just to leave someone a short message message protection ensures there is no accidental erasure of a message fitted with three AG10 button cell batteries

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