Penguin Clock stood beside safety helmet 03/03/2019

Work In Progress

Hello and welcome to our new site! It’s been a work in progress for quite some time and we still have some tweaking to do here and there, but we’re not getting into a flap. Office favourite Mr Penguin is a little bit over excited though, and so to celebrate we’ve put him on sale at a special offer price! * Play the audio clip below to hear Mr Penguin announce the time. For a description and to buy Mr Penguin talking alarm clock please click on the link below... Read More

Alignment Tutorial 31/01/2019

Alignment Tutorial

Step by step instructions for the second hand alignment on our PR50 & PR70 series wristwatches.   Click on the link below for a full transcript of this video, pdf (opens in new window.) Talking Watch Shop Transcript Alignment

BBC Radio 4 In Touch Debut 19/12/2018

BBC Radio 4 In Touch Debut

Play the short audio clip below and you will hear an honest review of our talking watches from In Touch guest Hazel Dudley. Click on the link below to download full transcript pdf (opens in new window.) BBC Radio 4 In Touch transcript

Let Me Tell You The Time 19/12/2018

Let Me Tell You The Time

Thanks to Laura Shavin and Simon Fellows we have developed our very own voice for our latest watch. On the watches featuring our new voice chip you will be able to choose between Laura and Simon, both are included in the same watch. We carefully selected voice over talents Laura and Simon for their comforting and easy to listen to voices. Play the examples below to hear these brilliant new voices.   New Male voice by Simon Fellows:   New Female voice by Laura Shavin: